Assistant Director Labour Welfare (BPS-17)

Q1) Opposite Democracy is? Dictartorship Therocracy Aristocracy gather Show Answer A) Dictartorship Q2) Synonym of Melancholy is? Joy Sadness Petty Dissolve Show Answer B) Sadness Q3) Which country was Invaded twice by Germany in the 20th centurty and itself had brutally colonoized?? Poland France Uk Belgium Show Answer B) France Q4) Capital city of Albania … Read more

PPSC Assistant Director Labour Welfare (BPS-17)

Q1)World humannitarian Summit (WH5) conference was held on 23-24 May 2016 in ? Cario, Egypt Country Paris, France Country New York, US Country Istanbul , Turkey Country Show Answer D) Istanbul , Turkey Country Q2)Synonym of Malice is ? ? Pleasant surprise Harted Desire Kind Show Answer B) Harted Q3)Who was the first Secretary Generel … Read more